Data Science in Geosciences (DSGeoS)
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Intelligent Brain on Algorithms
Data as input, Earth Unified Model as output
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Artificial neural network and soft computing take inspiration from the human brain. there are several demonstrated general fancy feats such as detecting lies, recognizing handwritten and faces and predicting heart attacks. In geosciences, most algorithms have ability to be run efficiently in an autmatic manner. yielding diferent data to a unified information.
In DSGeoS, we are continuously thinking to imporve the application of these methods on acquired data. A team of tutors and software developers has designed methodologies to deploy interpreters experiences as verbal rules in G&G applications.
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The fourth paradigm of scientific discovery is dealing with the big data issues, mainly converting those to interpretable information. Geosciences data are among the most challenging ones that finally aim to yield different “Earth Unified Models“ or EUMs. Each EUM is to describe one specific aspect like climate information, hydrocarbon and energy information and etc. Integration of the relevant data of each EUM will be possible, if the issue of resolution and meaningfulness is to be satisfied.
Geophysics (Seismic & Non-Seismic / Surface & Well), Geochemistry, Geology, Petrophysics,  GIS and other data describe EUMs. The approach of integration ranges from classical statistical pattern recognition to shallow and deep neural networks, from hard classifiers to soft computing like fuzzy ones ! The main idea is to find the final model appropriately. 
DSGeoS is established by Dr. Hosein Hashemi as a Laboratory at January 2021 after several years of research in the field of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning and Geosciences.. We are now a team of researchers from university and industry working collaboratively !
We are continusously making EUMs and developing relevant courses and software products using machine learning, deep learning, soft computing and statistical pattern recognition applications ! Earth and Space Physics will be studied in other way for next paradigm of scientific discovery !
It is highly notable to mention that
data sicence is the current paradigm of scientific discovery. So simply the focus is to gain more from data of volumes, veracity, generation velocity and variety.
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